bldg. 311

What is bldg. 311?

bldg. 311 is a monthly email newsletter to educate, inform and inspire our audiences. Stories and information in the newsletter share the innovation and excellence at the Galveston Campus to a diverse audience of over 5,000 readers, including community and industry leaders, media, elected officials and more.

Why bldg. 311?

bldg. 311 at Fort Crockett is where our marine science and maritime origins converged. First home to marine research and graduate programs under Dr. Sammy Ray’s leadership, the building also housed Texas Maritime Academy cadets from 1964-1971. bldg. 311 honors the legacy of Dr. Ray, the creation of the Texas A&M Maritime Academy and our Galveston Island roots. While our name has changed many times over the decades, bldg. 311 is where it all began. 

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