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Teichman Legacy of Leadership Lives on as H. Rudy Teichman Maritime Wheel of Excellence Awarded to Texas A&M Maritime Academy


Kelly Teichman ’91 knows all about a foundation of leadership and selfless service.

As a 1991 history graduate of Texas A&M University’s main campus, Teichman jokes her life has been intertwined with Texas A&M “almost since the day I was born.”

Teichman’s father, renowned Galveston figurehead H. Rudy Teichman paved the way in the Gulf Coast marine services industry and even oil-spill response technology with the creation of his company T&T Marine Ways—now T&T Marine Salvage, Inc.—in 1957.

On top of being an entrepreneur, Teichman’s father wore many hats as a diver, pilot, diesel mechanic, inventor, cook, welder, and even a restauranteur. He was deeply involved in the Galveston community and committed to supporting it by recognizing those making outstanding achievements and representing Galveston with his signature leadership qualities, integrity and “can-do” spirit.

This is why the Teichman family chose the Texas A&M Maritime Academy Cadets to receive the H. Rudy Teichman Maritime Wheel of Excellence Award at the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce 175 th Legacy Ball and Annual Meeting on Friday, Jan. 31.

“I am very proud to honor the Texas A&M Maritime Academy cadets this year for their leadership and selfless service. Rudy would have been over the moon to highlight the school he loved, the future ‘greats’ of our industry, their commitment to the military and maritime industry, and of course their love for his island home and community,” Teichman said.

Rudy firmly believed that a solid foundation is what distinguishes a leader, she added.

“Your foundation is what sets you apart. These cadets have already proven that they’re dedicated and committed. Excellence is the beginning of their path, not the end. They’ve always been what they are: committed, respectful, hard workers. It’s a new decade, the future is coming and they’re it.”

Teichman, herself, has followed her father’s footsteps in support of Texas A&M University at Galveston and the Texas A&M Maritime Academy. She generously serves on the university’s Board of Visitors and George P. Mitchell Society Mardi Gras Scholarship fundraising committee. Donna Teichman, Kelly’s mother, funds the Teichman Leadership award which provides saber swords to cadets on the Galveston Campus. The Teichman family also created the H. Rudy Teichman Endowed Scholarship.  

The cadets have a special in all of the hearts of all the Teichman family members’ hearts.

“Texas A&M-Galveston and the cadets have been like family to us. We always know we can reach out to them for any service cause we’re passionate about and they show up – every single time. They also always make my mom feel like the most special and respected woman in the world,” she said.

That likely explains why her mother wanted to make this award extra meaningful. This year’s “Wheel of Excellence” plaque is crafted of wood from Rudy and Donna Teichman‘s home that was torn down after Hurricane Ike ravaged Galveston in 2008.

“The original house, built by Rudy, was left standing but all the additions, built by the ‘professionals’ were washed away by the storm. As you can imagine, Donna guards every piece and it is special that she allowed for me to make it a part of the award,” Teichman said.

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